Offensive Defensive Force

Law Enforcement and ODF Instructors Only – No Civilians Allowed


By: O.D.F. (Offensive Defensive Force) Founder Victor I.C. de Thouars, Ph.D.-Mh.G.

Note 001: All Officers & Agent to wear their regular Police Uniforms and Present their I.D.
Note 002: Important to have a Police Chief or Officials Present at the Course to Observe Only.
Note 003: Everyone to wear name badges, also to have the Italian Flag shown on a stand.
Note 004: ODF Street and Wall Arrest Method are Used on Assailant or Perpetrator
Note 005: D&A denotes Defense and Arrest

~~~~~~~~~~~~ ODF SESSION ONE~~~~~~~~~~~

ODF-001  ODF Registration and Team Assignments   30 Minutes.  16:00-16:30
ODF-003  ODF Course Start/Student file in class  5 Minutes   16:30-16:35
ODF-002  Main ODF Introduction – Lecture   40 Minutes   16:35-17:15

[Note: Lecture Covering Stopping Power versus Fast Round Penetration – The Do and Don’t]

ODF-004  ODF Course Material distribution   5 Minutes   17:15-17:20
ODF-005  All ODF Tools: Knives-Short &Full Baton  10 Minutes   17:15-17:25
ODF-006  ODF-TEK 1 Hand Gun –Rifle, Shotgun  10 Minutes   17:25-17:35

[ Note: How to hold the Hand Gun – Rifle and Shotgun as the ODF Method Platform ]

ODF-007  ODF-TEK 2- Knife Defense & Arrest  30 Minutes   17:35-18:05
ODF-008  ODF-TEK 3 – Baton D & A    30 Minutes   18:05-18:35
ODF-009  Break before next session    20 Minutes   18:35-18:55
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ODF SESSION TWO ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
ODF-011  ODF-TEK 4 – Door Entry – Car Approach  20 Minutes    18:55-19:15
ODF-012  ODF-TEK 5 – Handgun D & A   30 Minutes    19:15-19:45
ODF-013  ODF TEK 6 – Rifle and Shotgun D & A  30 Minutes    19:45-20:15
ODF-014  ODF TEK 7 – Team Test Time   30 Minutes    20:15-20:45
ODF-015  Break – Class Closing and Graduation  15 Minutes    20:45-21:00
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ODF SCHEDULE CLOSING~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
ODF Class Certification must be passed by a minimum of 85% to pass the course.
Short ODF Class Certification will be awarded to participants who have passed the course.

Senior ODF Instructor: Victor I.C. de Thouars – ODF Instructor: Jane F. de Thouars
June 2012